Suddenly #DianeFeinstein opposes the #deathpenalty

Screenshot 2018-05-23 at 07.15.29.png
Diane Feinstein

According to the Los Angeles Times, Dianne Feinstein built one of California’s most successful political brands by standing up to her party’s liberal wing.

The Times reports that in her first run for statewide office in 1990, she defiantly faced down raucous booing from California Democratic Party delegates angry over her support for the death penalty. Undeterred, she used footage of the public rebuke in campaign ads to show the state’s then more moderate population — including many Republicans — that she was tough, pragmatic and mainstream.

That centrist formula propelled Feinstein to the U.S. Senate two years later, and after one tough race, she’s coasted to reelection pretty much ever since.

It was all just a scam to get votes.

Now at 84 and seeking a fifth full term in November, Feinstein has flip-flopped.

Feckless Feinstein, desperately seeking votes, now opposes the death penalty. She’s done the same with the question of legalizing marijuana.

California has lurched to the left, and so has she.

In the end, she’s just another rich, white, Washington DC phony pretending to care about the people of California. She has no business holding elected office.


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