Desperation in the Feinstein camp

Screenshot 2018-03-26 at 07.41.46California Sen. Dianne Feinstein continues her epic flip-flopping in a desperate attempt to save her job.

Suddenly now she’s all for universal health care and expanding Medicare to everyone over 55.

Really? She’s been in office for decades, and now all of the sudden she thinks our healthcare system is broken. Amazing.

It shows you the level of desperation in the Feinstein camp.

Her opponent, Sen. Kevin de León, has never wavered in his support of a single-payer health care program. The Sacramento Bee calls it a central plank of his campaign.

De León’s campaign issued a statement accusing Feinstein of trying to mislead voters.

“Now that she has her first serious challenge from a true progressive, Dianne Feinstein is doing everything in her power to make voters think she and Kevin De León have the same position on health care. They don’t.”

De León is right. It’s a long way to November and Feinstein is feeling the pressure.



One thought on “Desperation in the Feinstein camp

  1. Mr Leon is a flamin Socialist and his state is taxing citizens into poverty with the lame idea of the government providing healthcare for everyone. Just look at what Obola Care did to healthcare and then think twice about either of these Reds. The taxes alone will create much more poverty than Kaly’s current 21% poverty rate. I’d actually go with Di-Fi as she’s so old she will be useless and that what we want with demorats.


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