#SanctuaryState law shields hundreds from #ICE in San Diego

Screenshot 2018-04-18 at 07.41.25

In the first four and a half months since California’s “sanctuary law” went into effect, the San Diego County Sheriff’s Department released 349 people who were wanted by immigration officials without alerting the federal agency responsible for deportations.

According to the San Diego Union-Tribune, that’s over half of the 605 people the agency requested.

California law allows jail officials to not tell ICE when people will be released unless the person has a criminal charge listed as one of the exceptions in the law.

It’s great news for criminals.

Since the law was implemented, arrests by ICE in California have dropped about 25 percent from the previous quarter, from 6,214 to 4,642, according to ICE data. Nationwide, the number of arrests rose about two percent, from 39,169 to 39,945.


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