The #CaGOP doubles-down on hating #Latinos

Screenshot 2018-04-05 at 07.09.28
California Republican Party Chairman Jim Brulte.

There they go again. Just when you thought California Republicans just might regain their senses, they jump right back into the arms of their old friend — racism.

Republicans across the state have spoken up in public forums this year to influence local elected officials to take stands on the ‘sanctuary state’ law, the most polarizing immigration issue since voters approved Proposition 187 in 1994.

Their hate is re-inspired.

Naturally, the Republican Party views Senate Bill 54 as a rare political gift and is attempting to capitalize on the fervor to boost the GOP’s already disproportionate influence in a low-turnout election year. According to the Sacramento Bee it the best issue for Republicans in years.

In reality, it’s the death knell for California Republicans who barely outnumber no party preference voters in a deep-blue state where Latinos make up the majority of residents and an increasingly powerful voting bloc.

The Bee points out that both of the top GOP candidates for governor have campaigned on the issue. John Cox encouraged communities in the San Joaquin Valley to reject the policy in Fresno earlier this year.

His top intra-party competitor, state Assemblyman Travis Allen, pledged to reverse the law, if elected, and held a “Take Back California” rally at the border on Sunday.


One thought on “The #CaGOP doubles-down on hating #Latinos

  1. Lets be honest here. Illegal immigration and illegal aliens are a huge issue in Kaly and across the nation. If the GOP is racist as the article above implies, then we wouldn’t have two counties and about 8 cities in rebellion over Jerry’s illegal sanctuary laws and I do mean rebellion !!!. Not only is SB-54 illegal, it is protecting criminals aliens who are on record as going right back to molesting young children, murder, robbery, and drug running, it has put every kalyfornian at risk. Crime has spiked dramatically since Jerry signed that bill. If AZ who tried to mirror Federal Law when Barry Obama refused to enforce immigration laws, then Old Jerry is definitely OFF the reservation with this crackpot idea that is rapidly losing favor across Kaly.


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