California’s love for drugs is destroying our national forests

Screenshot 2018-05-30 at 07.32.10.png

Everyone knows Americans love drugs, and that California leads the way. That love comes at a price that’s being increasingly paid for in our national forests.

The Sacramento Bee reports that law enforcement, citing new scientific evidence of “catastrophic” impacts on California’s forests and wildlife, have announced a new crackdown on illegal marijuana growing sites statewide that they say are run by Mexican drug cartels.

Nice going California.

These growing sites are guarded by individuals with weapons and protected with booby traps. The criminals that operate them are using banned pesticides that are polluting water and poisoning endangered species.

All of this is an increased effort to satisfy the constantly growing demand for mind altering chemicals by Californians.

Law enforcement officials say California now produces more marijuana than Mexico. Our state has even become and exporter, providing illegal marijuana to markets around North American.



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