Online privacy initiative likely to be on the November ballot

Screenshot 2018-05-30 at 07.46.08.png

On the heels of Europe’s sweeping new privacy laws that have freaked out the global tech industry, a California initiative is headed for November’s ballot which would be one of the broadest online privacy regulations in the U.S.

So far the initiative has gotten more than 600,000 signatures, nearly twice what it needs to qualify.

So you can expect to see it this fall.

According to Capitol Public Radio, if voters approve the measure, businesses will be required to have a “clear and conspicuous link” on their website’s homepage titled “Do Not Sell My Personal Information.” The link would take users to a page where they can opt out of having their data sold or shared.

It’s a great idea. Your private information belongs to you…not Google, Facebook and the rest of the online industry.

If approved, the new law would stop online marketers from targeting ads and selling your personal data. Businesses would be required to disclose the categories of information they have on users — including home addresses, employment information and characteristics such as race and gender.

Neither Congress nor the California Legislature have acted on this issue. It’s time for voters to do it themselves.



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