#SanFrancisco: Needle Town U.S.A.

Screenshot 2018-05-30 at 07.56.23.png

According to the San Francisco Chronicle, San Francisco hands out more free syringes to drug addicts — 400,000 a month and growing — than New York City, which has 10 times the population.

That’s why San Francisco owns the title “Needle Town U.S.A.”

San Francisco residents can thank the board of supervisors and the San Francisco Department of Public Health for the honor. They oversaw the distribution of an estimated 4.5 million syringes last year.

Most, if not all, of the needles wind up discarded on city streets, in parks and at homeless encampments.

It doesn’t stop there. The Chronicle goes on to say that this year, the city is on track to hand out upward of 6 million syringes — which, with a city population of 884,363, works out to nearly seven syringes for every man, woman and child living here.

Mayor Mark Farrell thinks this is all just great. Think about that.


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