Billionaires’ money comes too late for #Villaraigosa

Screenshot 2018-04-29 at 08.42.42
Everything is falling into place for Gavin Newsom.

Even though their man is trailing in the polls, with less than a week before California’s June 5 primary, the independent expenditure group backing former Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa’s gubernatorial run has launched an aggressive ad campaign against frontrunner Gavin Newsom.

The ads are the first sustained hits on Newsom, the lieutenant governor and former San Francisco mayor.

Capitol Public Radio reports that the ads come from an outside group run by charter schools and funded by a handful of billionaires — a group that’s now raised more than $20 million.

Villaraigosa is trailing Republican businessman John Cox for second place to earn a spot in the November general election.

Insiders say this is a major paradigm shift as to date rival Democrats and the charters group have essentially given Newsom a free pass.


One thought on “Billionaires’ money comes too late for #Villaraigosa

  1. This guy above, when he gets elected, is going to make Old Jerry look tame .. As a committed Socialist Brat Boy from Marin who’s never had a real job in his life, he’s going to cause real mayhem… It may be a good idea to pack the kids and head to the nearest border… It’s going to get rreeeaallly rreealllly ugly when he wins. There isn’t enough money in Kaly to pay for the socialism and communism he’s going to bring to the table.. Hide your guns too. He has a real thing for disarmament / Gun Control .


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