Water use limits coming to California

What the governor has done in reality is lay the groundwork for permanent water rationing targeting the entire population of California

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Governor Brown has officially made the water police a permanent part of California life.

Supposedly all in the name of establishing new statewide standards to encourage water conservation. It sounds good. Certainly California needs some help in this area.

What the governor has done in reality is lay the groundwork for permanent water rationing targeting the entire population of California.

Starting in 2022, there will be a per person water-use “goal” of 55 gallons per day. By 2030 the “goal” will be reduced to 50 gallons per day.

Keep in mind these “goals” will eventually become mandatory. It’s just how authoritarian governments like California’s think. So get ready.

On a brighter note, the same package of legislation requires urban and agricultural water suppliers to develop annual water budgets and have plans in place for dealing with drought.

Shedding more light on California’s water mafia and the business interests who own it is a good thing.

What’s driving this movement by the government isn’t simply a desire by the government to control your water supply, and as a result you, even more tightly.

The reality is California’s leaders have left the state’s water infrastructure to crumble. It can no longer keep up with demand. Greater demand means higher prices and higher taxes.

State Water Resources Control Board data, according to an analysis by McClatchy, estimates that nearly 400,000 Californians do not have access to safe drinking water.

The McClatchy analysis indicates that in many communities, people drink, shower, cook and wash dishes with water containing excessive amounts of pollutants, including arsenic, nitrates and uranium.

Making matters even worse, water providers continue to scam the system, violating safe water standards and racking in millions in quick profits. Millions more Californians are exposed to unsafe water.

The deteriorating situation validates the state’s claim that water limits are necessary.

You can be sure of one thing. Water, and water rationing, will continue to be big money in California. So expect to pay more for your daily ration of 50 gallons.



One thought on “Water use limits coming to California

  1. Folks.. You DON’T have to put up with this tyranny.. We need a revolt on a scale that will make these followers of Marx and Chavez pay attention to us. You can no longer sit back and NOT Vote. You have to start electing other parties to office’s to stop this insanity. Jerry and soon, Gavin , will continue to racket the screws on us unless we send a strong message of “”We’re Mad as Hell and I’m not going to take it anymore” You have to change the Kaly Government back to a Constitutional government or join the fleeing Middle Class out of Kaly to other states that aren’t admirers of Marx, Mao and Chavez. REVOLT !!!


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