Brutal #LAPD arrests #AfricanAmerican mourners at funeral reception

Screenshot 2018-06-03 at 07.59.37.png

It’s the same old story from the Los Angeles Police department.

Nine people were arrested in South Los Angeles after “bottles were thrown at police officers” sent to break up a gathering of more than 100 people, many believed to be gang members.

In reality, the LAPD rousted African-Americans who were attending a reception after the funeral of Cassandra Brown, who died of cancer on Mother’s Day. She was 47. Her funeral was at a nearby church.

Following their usual pattern after learning a large number of African-Americans are hanging out together, police clad in riot gear went to the area “after getting complaints about a barbecue with loud music.”

LAPD declared an “unlawful assembly” and started rounding people up.

“Sadly, it culminated into people spitting on my officers and throwing bottles,” said LAPD Capt. Louis Paglialonga.

Right Louis. As if reasonable people would believe anything you say.

Nine people were arrested according to NBC News.



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