Russian help keeps #GavinNewsom on top

Screenshot 2018-06-03 at 07.36.04
Russian oligarch Yuri Vanetik.

At a “Gavin for Governor” fundraiser last summer in Newport Beach, Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom accepted a big donation from a controversial Russian émigré.

Yuri Vanetik, who according to the Sacramento Bee has an extensive history of misrepresenting his business dealings to investors and the U.S. Justice Department made the contribution.

Newsom and Vanetik are apparently pals who were seen recently partying together at the fundraiser.

Confronted by the media, Newsom campaign spokesman Jason Kinney told the Bee that the campaign would return the contribution, “effective immediately.”

According to McClatchy news, Vanetik has a questionable history. It appears that Vanetik violated the Foreign Agents Registration Act for conducting work on behalf of Ukrainian politicians without registering as a foreign agent.

It’s not collusion though, right?


One thought on “Russian help keeps #GavinNewsom on top

  1. Darn… MORE DemoRats paling around with Russkies like Hilary and Barry Obola. You’d think that Mueller might want to talk to these Dem’s who are the Russians best friends.


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