California Democrats very close to #supermajority status again

Screenshot 2018-06-04 at 07.03.55.pngThe ‘Me Too’ movement wiped out California Democrat’s supermajority in Sacramento.

However the Sacramento Bee reports that Assembly is poised on Tuesday to win special elections for seats that were left vacant when former Assemblymen Matt Dababneh and Raul Bocanegra were forced out due to sex crime allegations.

Assembly Democrats need only to win one of the two special elections that will be decided this week to hit a supermajority threshold again.

That shouldn’t be a problem

In the Senate however, Sen. Josh Newman is facing a tough recall election on Tuesday. Sources tell that the race right now is a coin-toss.

The Bee correctly points out that without Newman, a supermajority is out of reach in the upper house. If he wins however, Democrats will enjoy two-thirds power in the closing days of the session.

That’s a big deal.


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