Your #dataprivacy: So basically #Facebook lied…again

Screenshot 2018-06-04 at 07.29.59.png
Mark Zuckerberg…pathological lair and CEO of Facebook.

According to the East Bay Times, Facebook is disputing media reports about how it shares data with device makers from Apple and Amazon to Samsung.

The allegations is that these companies are given access to Facebook users’ information. Facebook says it’s nothing like the access that led to the Cambridge Analytica controversy.

We think they’re lying. Facebook will sell your children if there’s a buck in it for them.

According to media reports, Facebook had struck deals with device manufacturers that allowed them full access to information on users and their friends.  Critics contend the vast amounts of information shared with Apple and other phone makers included data on users’ friends that had supposedly barred access.

So basically Facebook lied. Again.



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