You like #heroin, #cocaine, #meth? Then #SanFrancisco is the place for you

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If you like drugs, we mean really hard drugs, then San Francisco is the place for you. Hard drugs are plentiful, easy to access, and cheap.

No wonder the city by the bay is such a popular destination for drug loving Americans.

According to the San Francisco Chronicle, the place to go to score is the Mid-Market area. There you’ll find everything you need.

Drug dealers, some of whom are awaiting trial for previous busts swarm the area. Near a school? Not a problem. Little things like the law won’t slow you down.

The dealers have everything, heroin, cocaine, methamphetamine, all packaged for you. The transactions are easy.

You get busted? No problem. Judges in San Francisco let you out of jail on your on recognizance. It’s really no big deal.

While you’re taking in San Francisco’s warm drug dealing hospitality don’t fret about the possibility that any of this will come to an end anytime soon.

The Chronicle also reports that in what may be the largest opium seizure in California history, the Monterey County sheriff’s department has siezed more than 34,000 pounds of opium poppies over the course of five weeks.

That’s no doubt the tip of the iceberg. Don’t worry, there’s plenty more where that came from. The heroin will keep coming.


Enjoy San Francisco drug loving Americans. Enjoy!


One thought on “You like #heroin, #cocaine, #meth? Then #SanFrancisco is the place for you

  1. Federal Drugs Ops should be called in. If SF can’t come to grips with a har drug epidemic then the Feds should and these killers selling poison on the streets must get Federal Jail time and the suppliers.. executed. This is off the hook now. Liberalism / Socialism is killing cities and our country. It’s time to take the gloves off and go draconian.


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