#OrangeCounty #Republicans turn #Asians white, but still loath #Mexicans

Screenshot 2018-05-06 at 06.22.50The Los Angeles Times reports that the California Republican Party may be able to survive in an increasingly diverse California by making Asians “white.”

According to the Times, the strategy has worked marvelously well for the Republican Party of Orange County.

The Times analysis goes like this: Contrary to any portrayal as racist troglodytes, the GOP here has proven a pioneer in diversifying O.C.’s politics. The man who created the county’s modern-day GOP, Tom Fuentes, was Mexican American. The first Latino on the Orange County Board of Supervisors was Republican Gaddi Vasquez. Although Latinos sure as heck don’t embrace him as one of their own, even O.C. Dist. Atty. Tony Rackauckas is half-Mexican.

For some magical reason, Orange County Republicans are totally OK with Asian American politicians.

The Times’ analysis is correct. Asian American Republicans dominate Orange County politics. Three of the five members on the Board of Supervisors are Asian Americans; the clerk-recorder is a Vietnamese refugee.

This fall, there’s a strong possibility the county will send two Asian immigrants to the state Senate and three to the Assembly. Many more young, diverse GOP faces are waiting in line in local offices.

So why do Republicans still loath Mexicans, the state’s largest demographic?

Good question.


One thought on “#OrangeCounty #Republicans turn #Asians white, but still loath #Mexicans

  1. So the LA Times has proven with thier own story that the LIE about Repubs is totally false. What the demonRats think of other Americans who don’t toe the Marxist/ Socialist line is that only whites are racists and how could folks of a different race embrace GOP politics. That in itself is racist to the core. They have exposed themselves for whom they are. The modern day KKK with ” D’s” in front of their names.. Oh.. wait.. the “D’s” were the slave- masters, Ran the Klan as the Military arm of the DemonRat party, came up with the Jim Crow Laws and refused Civil and Voting rights to blacks andothers of color. It took the Repubs to pass those rights that the “D’s ” refused to give to blacks.. Tell me again who the racists are !!


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