Sacramento Mayor #DarrellSteinberg sides with developers, slumlords, opposes rent control

Screenshot 2018-06-08 at 12.18.12The Associated Press is reporting that Sacramento Mayor Darrell Steinberg has come out in opposition to a rent control measure that may be on the ballot in November.

That’s no surprise. Steinberg has been to tool of the white elites in the city’s development community for decades.

“Their initiative is a threat,” Steinberg said. “If it got on the ballot and it passed, I think that would be a problem.”

Indeed. A threat to developer’s bottom lines. That’s a problem for the Steinberg.

It was an in-your-face move by Steinberg targeting housing advocates and labor groups who have been gathering signatures for the measure.

So in reality, even though the mayor says housing affordability is real problem in Sacramento, Steinberg and the white elites aren’t going to do anything about it.

Great news for developers and slumlords.


One thought on “Sacramento Mayor #DarrellSteinberg sides with developers, slumlords, opposes rent control

  1. Rent Control doesn’t work folks. It sets up artificial limits, on property that doesn’t reflect the true value of the property and encourages the landlords to stop renting and to convert the Apartments to Condos. It happens all the time in San Fran. It’s just another form of Socialism and we all know how that ends up.


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