California throws BILLIONS more at the #homeless

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You could say it’s good money after bad.

Governor Jerry Brown is approving a half-a-billion dollar give-away to cities and counties so they can clean up their homelessness disasters.

Democratic Assemblyman Kevin McCarty of Sacramento told Capitol Public Radio, “We have homelessness, just, everywhere…Our neighborhoods, our downtowns, our parks, our public places. And so, we know what works. We know we need more emergency shelter beds. And so there is a one-time infusion for that.”

Really? We know what works? Seriously? Judging by the fact that the state is awash with the homeless it’s probably more accurate to say we don’t know what works.

Capitol Public Radio also reports that the  budget agreement also includes a proposed November ballot measure that would ask voters to free up $2 billion in previously approved mental health funding to address California’s homelessness crisis. That money is currently locked up in court.

So the half-billion in the budget is just a drop in the bucket. Don’t expect much in the way of results.


One thought on “California throws BILLIONS more at the #homeless

  1. The simple answer is.. MORE SERVICES FOLKS.. aka… welfare and freebies which will work like a magnet to draw more to the rusting state.. Plus they’ll probably hire more workers for these bums and it is and WILL become an even bigger industry which will never find a solution. Only More money will be needed.. What a scam. With the Dem’s in charge of everything, More money is always the answer and yes.. more taxes will be needed after the ” One Time Infusion”.And you can expect to see permanent bum housing in your hood probably right near a school and in middle-class hoods.. Never will you see one of these in rich areas… what a joke that statement is !!!


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