#Leftist remained quiet while President #Obama threw thousands if immigrants into federal prison

It’s no secret that Republicans enjoy trashing immigrants…especially those immigrants from Latin American. The elite media makes sure the GOP’s inherent bigotry gets a complete airing in the public domain.

They’re not so good when it comes to Democrats however.

Take for example “Operation Streamline” which President Obama embraced during his administration.

Data shows that the overall impact of Operation Streamline was to move immigrants away from administrative removal proceedings (or simply returned across the border) and into the criminal justice system.

Screenshot 2018-06-10 at 16.13.54
The size of the non-citizen federal prison population reflects the Bush and Obama administrations’ enforcement priorities.

Until 2005, U.S. Customs and Border Protection agents would mostly use administrative removal procedures or the civil immigration system to remove illegal entrants. Under Streamline, agents refer individuals entering the United States illegally to the United States Attorney’s Offices for fast-track criminal prosecutions in federal district courts.

Some courts processed as many as 70 individuals per day.

The Obama administration expanded the program, which it incorporated into a broader border security measure known as the Consequence Delivery System, which had other measures aimed at increasing the consequences of illegal entry to deter individuals from returning to the United States after deportation.

Given that these prosecutions led to a large number of convictions and prison sentences for non-citizens who committed immigration offenses, the program’s growth guaranteed that these individuals entered federal prisons in greater numbers.

So instead of deporting illegal immigrants back to their country of origin, the Obama administration threw them into federal prison by the thousands. Families were separated, children were orphaned, lives were destroyed.

The elite media didn’t seem to notice.


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