Community College professors fail students, then blame someone else

Screenshot 2018-06-12 at 07.19.37
Chancellor Eloy Ortiz Oakley

The cornerstone of California’s community colleges could be summed up this way: Epic Fail.

We give community colleges lots of money every year, which the faculty squanders away.

Students are the losers…as usual.

Feeling the heat for their abject failure, the Sacramento Bee reports that the faculty union for the community college district in the Sacramento area has passed a vote of no confidence in system Chancellor Eloy Ortiz Oakley.

If it sounds Orwellian, it is. It’s how faculty members think and act. They fail, so it must be someone else’s fault.

According to the Bee, they criticize Oakley, who took over in December 2016, for ignoring faculty input as he has advocated for a wide range of changes, including the new funding formula that will, for the first time, consider student performance in determining college budgets.

In other words, the Chancellor didn’t conceed to every one of their union’s demands so they’re having a meltdown.

“Statewide, there’s definitely a rebellion brewing,” Gayle Pitman, a professor of psychology and president of the Academic Senate at Sacramento City College told the Bee. “Faculty aren’t being brought to the table. They aren’t being engaged the way we’ve traditionally been engaged.”

It is a rebellion. A rebellion of policymakers who are pretty fed up with throwing good money at faculty members who don’t deliver.  Expect the rebellion to continue.


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