#SanFrancisco schools put white students on the college-track, #AfricanAmerican students on the prison-track

Screenshot 2018-06-12 at 07.39.28.png
The San Francisco way: White kids go to college, African-American kids go to prison.

According to the San Francisco Examiner, racial bias is all around us, but perhaps nowhere is it more damaging than when it happens to children in school.

The San Francisco NAACP has called a state of emergency for public schools in the city, citing a stubborn achievement gap between black students and all other students. A gap that has persisted for 25 years.

The Examiner points out that the gap remains even when income is taken into account. Poor white students consistently outperform their black peers. In 2016-17, 74 percent of black students in the San Francisco Unified School District did not meet state standards in at least one subject area.

This comes as no surprise. San Francisco’s elite white leaders have consistently targeted people of color with unequal protections under the law. So why would anyone expect the city’s education system to be any different?

The Examiner reports that black students in schools are treated more punitively than white students. That bias causes black students to experience higher rates of punishment, which takes away from instruction time.

That’s a polite way of saying that the San Francisco school system puts African-American students on the prison-track, and white kids on the college-track.

No surprise there.


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