#Proposition47 is working great…for criminals

Screenshot 2018-06-15 at 07.03.57.pngLeftist experts say Proposition 47 is doing a great job of keeping people out of jail.

Public Policy Institute of California says Propositoin 47 reduced recidivism rates among lower-level offenders.

PPIC says Proposition 47 succeeded in its “intended effect of reducing incarceration numbers.”

That’s the kind of report you’d expect when people who do crimes aren’t arrested.

The report suggests Proposition 47 has been a big break for white offenders. Not so much for Latinos and African-Americans. People of color keep going to jail as usual.

By-the-way, California saw a 13 percent uptick in the violent crime rate from 2014 to 2016. PPIC glossed over this fact.

Since Proposition 47 passed, larceny thefts have skyrocketed, especially vehicle thefts.

Proposition 47 is working great…if you’re a criminal. Especially a white criminal.


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