#WhitesOnly company finds a home in #racist #Sacramento


A Sacramento area solar company has been sued for racial harassment. The company is facing two lawsuits.

According to the Sacramento Bee, an African-American employee at Vivint Solar, a home automation and energy company headquartered in Utah, says a manager repeatedly called him a variation of the N-word.

More shocking, the manager, along with other employees, built a clubhouse out of cardboard boxes around their desks, spray-painting “White only” on it.

Screenshot 2018-06-15 at 06.46.09.png

The African-American employee, Teshawn Solomon, reported the harassment to a regional manager, showing him photos of the clubhouse. The regional manager didn’t take action to curtail the harassment, and later told him not to speak to human resources.

Go figure, they’re from Utah after all.

Exasperated, Mr. Solomon finally quit his job.

Vivint Solar clearly knew what they were doing when they located in Sacramento. The city has become the ‘Ferguson of the West’, an haven for white supremacists who espouse racial animus towards people of color.

The City of Sacramento has Vivint’s back on this. Mr. Soloman has a long way to go before he gets justice.




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