#DevinNunes ad embarrasses #FresnoBee, outs them for #fakenews

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Fresno Bee humiliated by poor reporting, fake news.

The Fresno Bee is running an editorial entitled The real ‘fake news’ is Devin Nunes’ ad about The Bee.

It’s pretty fun stuff.

The Bee says, “You might be seeing or hearing an ad paid for by the campaign to re-elect Devin Nunes as congressman for the 22nd District. The Fresno Bee is the subject of his ad. Actually, his anger at The Bee is the real subject, but Nunes hides it behind wanting to protect what he calls a family owned winery and vineyard.”

The Bee has been all over a fake news allegation attacking Nunes for somehow sponsoring and endorsing underage drinking and prostitution.

Here’s what the Bee says is “the background”:

“Nunes is an investor in a Napa winery called Alpha Omega that is owned by a friend. In 2015 the winery owner auctioned off for charity a ride in the San Francisco Bay on the Alpha Omega yacht. A winery employee was on board to help serve the guests. According to a civil lawsuit she filed, rich men brought sex workers aboard, some of them appearing underage, and the men proceeded to have sex and do drugs in the open. The employee then sued on various grounds, including civil rights violations, intentional infliction of emotional distress and sexual harassment. She also sued for violation of fair employment laws, alleging that after the incident, Alpha Omega stopped assigning her shifts. The case concluded with a confidential settlement.”

It appears as though the Bee is treating hearsay from a from a plaintiff’s over-the-top complaint as fact.  The bottom line, the Bee jumped on the bandwagon in order to damage Nunes chances at re-election.

So Nunes defended himself against this fake news story with his own political ad to set the record straight with his constituents.

Incensed, the Bee sanctimoniously maintains that “thoughtful viewer or listener knows from the get-go that political ads are not meant to be the truth, but rather, deliver a point of view. Such is the case with this one.

“Thoughtful viewers or listeners” should heed the same advice when reading the Fresno Bee.

The Bee rambles on, saying Nunes’ ad claims: “The Fresno Bee has worked closely with radical left-wing groups to promote fake news stories about me.”

The fact is the Bee is a left-wing political newspaper. Everyone knows that. To believe they don’t have regular contact with left-wing groups is really a stretch.

Being a Leftist news publication is certainly the Bee’s prerogative. A strong political point of view is the cornerstone of American newspaper tradition.

Thoughtful readers understand this about the Fresno Bee. Which is probably why their newspaper circulation rate continues to plummet.


One thought on “#DevinNunes ad embarrasses #FresnoBee, outs them for #fakenews

  1. I use the Sacto Bee for starting the Bar B Q and that’s it. It’s all demoRat Propaganda and should be read as such.. if at all.


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