#LondonBreed’s election won’t protect #AfricanAmericans from the #racist #SFPD

Screenshot 2018-06-17 at 07.07.36.pngAccording to the elite white journalists at the San Francisco Chronicle, “London Breed’s historic ascent to the mayor’s office has sent currents of optimism and hope rippling through San Francisco’s African American community.”

As if somehow the brutal racist thugs in the San Francisco Police Department will all of the sudden come to embrace the African-American citizens they’re out to ethnically cleanse from the city.

The ongoing police genocide targeting the poor, the mentally ill, the homeless, and people of color has had an impact. After generations of brutality, African-Americans make up just over five percent of the city’s population.

Naturally San Francisco’s African-American community is optimistic. We wish them the best because they deserve nothing less.

We remain cautious however. The SFPD is a tool of the white elites who run the city. Their visceral hatred for everyone who isn’t like them has not changed.


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