#White #elites in #LosAngeles target neighborhoods for #homeless gulags

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The Los Angeles Times reports that two years ago, Los Angeles voters overwhelmingly approved a $1.2-billion bond measure to pay for new housing for homeless people.

The Times goes on to say that another $20 million is now being allocated to set up temporary shelters, with Mayor Eric Garcetti offering up an equal share to each council district, and $10 million more has been offered up for homeless services of all kinds.

Angelenos are far from excited about the plan. Now, local lawmakers are facing their own “resistance” movement and they’re not happy about it.

Los Angeles leaders have allowed the homeless to turn the city into a third world enclave, complete with squalor, disease, crime and death.

So far city hall has put the burden on Los Angeles residents to welcome more homeless into their neighborhoods, and pay for them at the expense of their own homes, and their own safety.

Koreatown has been a favorite target of the City Council. After all, Koreans aren’t white, and they’re not elite, so dumping the homeless in their neighborhood seems like the logical thing to do by Los Angeles’ white leaders.

Venice is another target. Venice has never been that clean or nice to begin with. Lots of drug users and lots of crime. However even Venice residents recoil at the threat of a homeless gulag in their community.

There is discussion about dumping L.A.’s homeless elsewhere. Some have suggested in the Inland Empire, and Bakersfield. Now that’s an “L.A.” idea for sure.

Mayor Garcetti has pledged that any community that welcomes a shelter will also get more cleanups and police patrols. That’s definitely an acknowledgement that the shelters will destroy property value and put lives in danger. Not a very appealing argument Mr. Mayor.

Everyone knows that these “temporary shelters” will end up being permanent. It is going to be the new normal in Los Angeles. The only question remaining is which neighborhoods will be targeted by the city’s white elites.



One thought on “#White #elites in #LosAngeles target neighborhoods for #homeless gulags

  1. just call them refugee camps and your right.. they WILL be permanent. All residents of targeted areas for camps should immediately demand they be placed in Hollywood and The city councils hoods. They will drop the idea after that in 10 seconds.


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