Police use magic words to kill…and our nation’s leaders think that’s OK

Screenshot 2018-05-31 at 06.41.49In America, five magic words can get you killed and there’s nothing you can do about it.

The words, “I fear for my life,” uttered by any police officer, is all that’s necessary for the police to execute you or your family in cold blood. They will never be held accountable.

California’s legislature isn’t about to change that anytime soon. Although separating children from their parents at the border is deemed cruel and abusive by our elected leaders — gunning those same parents down for no good reason on the streets of Los Angeles or San Francisco is still OK.

Law enforcement organizations remain vehemently opposed to any changes in the current policy.

Witness the recent debate over Assembly Bill 931, which would increase the state standard for lethal use of force from “reasonable” to “necessary,” to become law.

The Sacramento Bee reports that though the measure passed its first policy committee, it faces a lengthy and complicated path ahead in a Legislature historically hesitant to cross law enforcement.

The Bee reports that law enforcement officials have sharply denounced the proposal, which they contend would put officers’ lives in danger by opening up their split-second decisions to further scrutiny in a courtroom.

The Peace Officers Research Association of California also brought up concerns about retraining more than 100,000 California police under the new standards.

Sen. Holly Mitchell, a Los Angeles Democrat who claims to be on the side of the people when it comes to this issue, questioned whether a lack of resources for training was their real issue with supporting the bill, because when “law enforcement makes it a priority, we find a way.”

Her colleague Sen. Steve Bradford, D-Gardena, said. “It always blows me away when law enforcement fear for their life only when they’re facing black and brown people…It blows me away me when black and brown men and women don’t even get to the jail. They don’t even get a chance to be arrested.”

In the end, after all this hand-wringing, apparently we need to retrain our police officers to not murder people, and we just don’t have the money.

Not very comforting, especially if you happen to be African-American or Latino.

It’s interesting to note that Democrats continue to haul in truckloads of campaign cash donated by the police unions. Mitchell and Bradford didn’t say much about that at the hearing. Don’t expect they, or their colleagues, will be turning this money down anytime soon.

Until Democrats make campaign money from killer cops as radioactive as money from Big Tobacco or the chemical industry, you can expect this double-standard to continue.



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