#TomSteyer is screwing things up for other Democrats and they’re not happy about it

Screenshot 2018-06-21 at 08.37.29.pngAccording to the Sacramento Bee, Tom Steyer is emphatic that the United States is not addressing its biggest issue. By broaching the subject and forcing others to do the same, he is constantly ruffling feathers.

Intentionally or not, the billionaire Democratic activist is creating a major rift within his own party going into midterms.

In short, Tom Steyer is screwing things up for other Democrats and they’re not happy about it.

Steyer has spent close to $50 million dollars ranting against the President on T.V. He lives in a fantasy world that his petition drive will lead somehow to impeachment.

All this despite the fact that Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s fake investigation continues to be the butt of jokes on the national stage.

Steyer is desperately trying to leverage his enormous personal fortune into political power. He’s failing miserably.

The Bee goes on to say that a recent Quinnipiac University poll reported a drop in support for even beginning the impeachment process if Democrats take control of the U.S. House. The majority of Independents oppose beginning impeachment proceedings, according to the poll.

Many national Democrats don’t want to have the conversation Steyer is leading.  House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi is one of them, calling the issue a “gift to the Republicans.”

She said the Democratic Party needs to offer voters a substantive policy agenda that is not centered around opposing Trump.

Well duh!

Even with all of his wealth, and his willingness to spend it on other Democrats, Steyer still hasn’t gotten many others in his party on board the impeachment train.

In the end, Steyer is really just another clueless California billionaire ranting on the political stage.



One thought on “#TomSteyer is screwing things up for other Democrats and they’re not happy about it

  1. The democrats have NO issues at all other than spewing hate, Hate Trump, hate America and hate conservatives. They offer no economic plans that could beat president Trump policies and they are being exposed in the FBI / Hilary / Deep State attempt to rig an election and got caught .. redhanded, so to speak. The Red Wave is now building and the stain on America called the Democrat Party is going to be washed away in the era of Trump.


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