Cops are flooding into Sacramento to preserve their right to kill just about anyone they want

Screenshot 2018-06-24 at 09.36.44.png
Assemblywoman Shirley Weber

The San Diego Union-Tribune reports that Assemblywoman Shirley Weber is sponsoring legislation that would change the standard for using deadly force from “reasonable” to when it’s “necessary” to prevent imminent and serious injury or death to an officer or other people.

The bill miraculously passed the Senate Public Safety Committee, but it still faces an uphill battle to get to the governor’s desk.

Killer cops from every corner of California are flooding into Sacramento to try to preserve their right to kill just about anyone they want for any reason.

David Mastagni, a lobbyist for the California Peace Officers Association, told the committee the bill would create “a hindsight, second-guessing game that puts not only the officers at danger but puts the public at danger as well.”

Not really. Mastagni is just pushing the false narrative used by the police to defend their lawless behavior. Especially behavior directed against people of color. Their actions are brutal and driven by racism. Countless police killings over decades bear that out.

However the bill might saves the lives of untold numbers of people of color, who along with the poor, the homeless and the mentally ill, are gunned down on a routine basis by California cops.

Police officers are rarely prosecuted under the current standard. Their unions own the district attorneys, and most of the politicians around the state.  In California, your constitutional protections become worthless the moment you interact with the police.

The questions remains, will the elites who have created this system, ever change it?  We’re not optimistic.


One thought on “Cops are flooding into Sacramento to preserve their right to kill just about anyone they want

  1. Here’s what to do. The Police should just stop patrolling the ghetto’s and let the areas look like Baltimore after the Mayor there tried to frame 6 police officers. Just step back and let them police themselves.. The result will be just like Baltimore. Mayhem and murder if the killers aren’t stopped by the police using reasonable force when necessary. Since they hate the cops, they can stop the gangs and killers. Maybe then they can appreciate what it is to be an officer having to use split-second decisions. The police should not put themselves in jeopardy if the blks and the democrat party don’t want to support LEO’s. They ain’t being killed for fun folks. The ones that get shot usually deserve it for the mayhem they are causing in black communities.


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