#KamalaHarris leverages #PuertoRico suffering for votes

Screenshot 2018-06-25 at 08.17.58
Kamala Harris continues to climb over the bodies of Puerto Ricans to reach the White House.

Puerto Ricans make up less than 1 percent of California’s population. Yet California Sen. Kamala Harris has emerged as one of the most vocal champions of the American territory in Congress as the island struggles to recover from the devastation of Hurricane Maria.

With so many homeless here in California, it seems logical to ask why Harris is putting in such energy into this effort?

Scratch the surface just a bit and you’ll see why — pure political opportunism.

According to the Sacramento Bee, her efforts could give her a political boost in a couple years, if she makes a run for president in 2020.

Harris really could care less about Puerto Ricans. It’s a safe bet to assume she feels about them the same way she feels about California’s homeless who she routinely ignores.

She does want the votes however. Puerto Rico holds its own presidential primary, and it could be a factor in a protracted Democratic primary race. Along with that, recent hurricanes have pushed more Puerto Ricans into Florida…a swing state.

Puerto Rico’s homeless will get about as much support from Kamala Harris as San Francisco’s homeless. In the end, the poor continue to suffer. The rich, like Harris, continue to cash-in.


One thought on “#KamalaHarris leverages #PuertoRico suffering for votes

  1. Cammie could care less about the people from the PR. What she really cares about is trying to FLIP Florida to run for President so they might vote for her. That’s it.. Your standard democrat trying to whip up the minorities from a bankrupt island, run by more demoRats that spent and taxed itself into the usual end-result of Socialism.
    Nice try Camie. She was a terrible Att Gen in Kalyfornia would be just the 3rd term of Barry Obola in a skirt !!!


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