#Sacramento secretly looking for sites to dump the #homeless

Screenshot 2018-06-08 at 07.40.17
Sacramento Mayor Darrell Steinberg

The Sacramento Bee reports that Mayor Darrell Steinberg is scouring the city for plots of land where three 200-bed homeless structures in large tent-like structures could open.

Basically the Mayor wants to build a repository, round up all of the city’s homeless, and warehouse them.

Not everyone is happy about it. City Council members say they will oppose shelters on city-owned parcels in their districts. One council member has declared his part of town is off limits until his colleagues do their part first.

Clearly, mayor Steinberg is clinging to the idea of building a gulag for the city’s undesirables and keeping them far away from the city’s white elite neighborhoods.

Due to the mounting opposition throughout the community, the mayor’s office and homeless service providers are pressing forward. They are secretly identifying locations for consideration.

It’s probably the worst kept secret in Sacramento.


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