In #SiliconValley, #MeToo harassment is becoming old news

Screenshot 2018-07-01 at 08.18.48.png

The Mercury News recently reported that Intel CEO Brian Krzanich resigned because of sex crimes.

According to the Merc, the company learned of what it called a consensual relationship he had with an employee. Because Intel is such a good corporate citizen, Krzanich did the right thing.

Yeah, right.

The reality is Krzanich is just another feckless Silicon Valley sex criminals who uses wealth and power against women who work for them.

Even though these crimes keep continuing in Silicon Valley, seemingly unabated, the hubbub has been tamped down considerably. Public relations pros are figuring out how to extricate the companies from these unflattering and probably illegal situations with relatively little public fallout.

As a result, in Silicon Valley, #MeToo harassment is becoming old news. It’s a bad sign for women.



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