Newsom quickly runs away from “open borders” label

Screenshot 2018-07-05 at 06.43.27.pngPresident Trump “has transformed ICE into a cruel deportation force, one that targets and detains children and law-abiding families with the same intensity as high-level criminals,” Newsom said Tuesday in a statement to The Chronicle. “The agency needs fundamental reforms, and most of all, we need a president who respects immigrants and their families.”

That position puts Newsom in the same neighborhood as another California Democrat, Sen. Kamala Harris, who called last week for “starting from scratch” with an overhaul of the 15-year-old agency.

Newsom staked out his position on the same day as Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt. Sanders, who like Harris is pondering a presidential run in 2020, called for “restructuring” ICE.

Like other possible Democratic presidential hopefuls, Sanders is steering clear of calling for “abolishing” ICE, a battle cry on the left that has led President Trump to accuse Democrats of advocating “open borders.”

a Newsom calls for ‘fundamental reforms’ for ICE –


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