Time to ban the internet: Gangs make untraceable guns from online parts

Screenshot 2018-07-06 at 06.35.04.png

No doubt the police and their friends in the gun confiscation community will be calling for the shutdown of the internet soon.

As expected, criminals are not heeding strict state and federal gun laws. They’re turning to online retailers to buy all the parts necessary to build their own weapons.

These semiautomatic rifles and pistols are different — because they are homemade and untraceable.

So much for California’s draconian gun laws. Gangs have simply turned to homemade guns as it becomes more difficult to acquire real ones.

“Ghost guns” don’t have the traditional serial numbers because they are built from parts purchased over the internet.

These weapons are effectively unknown to law enforcement, making them difficult to track or trace.

People forbidden from purchasing a gun, such as felons and those with documented mental health issues, can still buy all the parts necessary to build their own weapon online.

via L.A. gangs stockpile untraceable ‘ghost guns’ that members make themselves


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