#JeffDenham threatens to block border wall funding

Screenshot 2018-07-08 at 08.10.52
Rep. Jeff Denham

Failed Republican efforts on immigration reform could jeopardize support within the party for President Donald Trump’s wall funding — and Trump has threatened to shut down the government if he doesn’t get it.

Republicans who pushed a bill that would have granted a pathway to citizenship for Dreamers along with $25 billion in border security gave a range of answers when McClatchy asked if they would still support funding the wall without action for Dreamers. Their bill failed last week by a large margin.

But one leader in that effort, California Republican Rep. Jeff Denham, who took a 30-second pause before answering the question, said it does put his vote at risk.

“I’ve been very clear that I want a permanent fix for Dreamers …. that has to be a part of any solution,” Denham told McClatchy, referring to people who came into the country illegally as children with their parents.

via Immigration failure risks GOP support for wall funding | Merced Sun-Star


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