Lucio Lanza, #SiliconValley’s latest sex criminal

Screenshot 2018-07-08 at 07.52.18.png
Lucio Lanza

Lucio Lanza has been sued by startup founder Rachel Danae Vachata, 29, who alleges a drunken Lanza groped and sexually harassed her in the summer of 2017 after sitting next to her on a red-eye commercial flight.

Three additional women who have told the Mercury News they were sexually harassed by Lanza, 73, who runs a venture capital firm in Palo Alto.

The women described strikingly similar incidents in which Lanza groped them suddenly and without permission in public settings.

The three women all worked in a tech sector in which Lanza is among the most important funders.

Naturally, Lanza denies any inappropriate behavior.

However the evidence seems to indicate he’s pretty much a drunken sex criminal.

via 3 women allege Silicon Valley venture capitalist groped them


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