#SanctuaryState became a haven for chain saw psycho

Screenshot 2018-07-14 at 05.28.35Californians might be all that excited abut their sanctuary state law after reading about Alejandro Alvarez Villegas.

Villegas attacked his wife with a chain saw in their home with their three children inside, according to Whittier police. The 32-year-old then fled the scene in a stolen car.

Villegas had been deported 11 times since 2005, immigration officials said.

Department of Homeland Security databases indicate Mr. Alvarez-Villegas is a serial immigration violator.

Immigration officers have lodged a detainer against Alvarez, requesting that local authorities notify Immigration and Customs Enforcement before his release to allow them to take the man into custody.

It remains to be seen what law enforcement officials do.

Besides blatantly and repeatedly violating U.S. immigration laws, Alvarez pleaded no contest in 2013 to one count of unlawful possession of a controlled substance and one count of using or being under the influence of a controlled substance.

Later that year, he pleaded no contest to driving with a blood-alcohol content of 0.08% or higher.

via Man suspected of attacking wife with chain saw was deported 11 times


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