#HumboltCounty woman gets arrested all the time for narco-trafficking…never does much time

Screenshot 2018-07-15 at 09.01.34
Nancy Burks loves drugs.

For at least the third time since July 2017, 69-year-old Nancy Lee Burks of Eureka was arrested on suspicion of narcotics activity.

Less than three and a half hours later she was released from Humboldt County jail.

California Proposition 47 reduced penalties for some crimes, Proposition 57 increased parole and good behavior opportunities for nonviolent felons and Assembly Bill 109 transferred the responsibility for housing some felons from the state prisons to county jails.

So people like Nancy can do as many drugs as they want with little fear of prosecution.

Burks gets arrested a lot, but never seems to do much time. That’s because American love drugs.

The sales of narcotics is still a felony, but lawmakers have labeled it as a nonviolent offense. So it’s really no big deal to be a narco-trafficker anymore.

a Eureka woman’s multiple arrests exemplify Proposition 47, 57 issues


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