#Sacramento County Sheriff’s deputies execute mentally ill #AfricanAmerican man on crowded freeway

Screenshot 2018-07-19 at 13.43.19A Sacramento County Sheriff’s deputy fired his weapon 19 times across six lanes of Highway 50 to execute a mentally-ill African American man.

Information about the extra-Constitutional killing of Mikel Laney McIntyre, 32, was finally released last week by Sacramento County.

The District Attorney’s review continues to take an unreasonably long time.  Clearly this is a police state crime that’s difficult for Sacramento’s white elites to cover up.

In all, three deputies — Gabriel Rodriguez, Ken Becker and Jeffrey Wright — fired 29 shots at Mr. McIntyre. McIntyre was unarmed.

Sacramento and the notorious St. Louis, Missouri suburb of Ferguson, have a lot in common when it comes to how justice is dispensed.

via New details lead to more questions in fatal freeway shooting by Sacramento sheriffs | The Sacramento Bee


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