Prosecutor pals let sex criminal L.A. County attorney off the hook

Screenshot 2018-07-23 at 07.31.16.pngA woman who was sexually assaulted by a Los Angeles County deputy public defender has been told to hit the road.

She was attacked in a Lancaster courthouse nearly three years ago but prosecutors have declined to file criminal charges citing “insufficient evidence.”

What are friends for, right?

Since she’s Mexican, so it’s easy for prosecutors to give her rapist lawyer a pass.

That’s why the L.A. County District Attorney’s Justice System Integrity Division declined in June to file criminal charges after the Sept. 10, 2015 incident.

In a separate incident, a sheriff’s deputy recalled that a female inmate had said that the same attorney touched or groped her.

In yet another incident, a court clerk assistant, who had worked with the perpetrator, reported that he made several inappropriate sexual remarks, including that he wanted to “hook up” with her.

via L.A. County attorney accused of sexual assault of client; prosecutors decide against criminal charges – Press Telegram


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