Incompetent sex criminal doctor gets a free pass from the state Medical Board

Screenshot 2018-07-26 at 06.36.04A Bakersfield gynecologist who also practices cosmetic surgery will be placed on 42 months of probation starting Friday following allegations of gross negligence and sexual misconduct.

The terms of probation imposed by the California Medical Board on Dr. Jason Paul Helliwell, who has an office in northwest Bakersfield, include attending an ethics course, a program to assess his physical and mental health, and monitoring by another licensed physician who will submit quarterly written reports evaluating Helliwell’s performance.

Also, Helliwell, 46, is prohibited from practicing cosmetic surgery, with a few exceptions such as liposuction, according to the settlement. He must notify all patients he’s treating that he cannot perform cosmetic surgery, and keep a log of those notifications to be made available for inspection by the Medical Board.

During his probation, a third party must be present when Helliwell consults, examines or treats women patients in the office, according to the settlement.

The discipline stems from allegations made against Helliwell over a period of years.

So he’s a sex criminal and he’s incompetent. However the Medical Board, run by Helliwell’s pals let’s him stay on the job.  That’s California.

via Bakersfield gynecologist placed on probation by state Medical Board in connection with allegations of gross negligence and sexual misconduct | News |


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