The LAPD didn’t protect anyone during Trader Joe’s incident

Screenshot 2018-07-26 at 06.33.50.png

The fact that store manager Melyda Corado was killed by a bullet fired from an officer’s gun is concrete evidence that what the police did failed to protect the people in that store.

One expert on police shootings said, “The alternative was to surrender the lives of hostages inside the store.” Were lives inside the store saved because Corado died? Ridiculous.

Another expert said the officers “handled the situation with textbook calm,” yet undercut his opinion by describing the shooting as “risky given the distance, the backdrop and the moving target.”

The reality is, the LAPD arrived with the intent of shooting up the place. They don’t care how many civilians die in the process. They just don’t.

Stay smart Angelenos…stay away from the LAPD.

via The LAPD didn’t protect anyone by accidentally shooting a Trader Joe’s manager


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