Stanislaus County Sheriff’s Deputy who executed woman in her car faces manslaughter charges

Screenshot 2018-07-29 at 09.59.29Stanislaus County Sheriff’s Deputy Justin Wall will make his first court appearance Monday on charges of voluntary manslaughter for fatally shooting a woman in 2017.

Wall shot Evin Olsen Yadegar as she began to drive around a patrol vehicle after briefly stopping in a Ripon neighborhood.

Wall is far from the first law enforcement officer, including a handful in Stanislaus County in the past decade, to fire upon a suspect in a moving vehicle. Experts agree shooting at or into a vehicle is dangerous and ineffective.

That didn’t seem to matter to Wall….after all it’s what trigger happy cops do in California.

Never mind that it is the policy of the Sheriff’s Department and other local law enforcement that officers should move away from the vehicle instead of firing at its occupants.

To the police, every citizen is the enemy.

via As deputy faces manslaughter charges, there’s debate over policy of shooting at cars | The Modesto Bee


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