#Racist jerks at #MountainView #Safeway call police on #AfricanAmerican #GoodSamaritan

Screenshot 2018-08-01 at 07.17.08.pngMountain View Safeway employees called the police to report Erika Martin for stealing.

The reality is she went to the store on Shoreline Boulevard with her family to help homeless residents.

Police determined that no crime occurred. Except the crime of Safeway employees being racist jerks.

The incident on the evening of July 8 was a case of racial profiling because employees associated her with an adult black man in the store they suspected of shoplifting.

“It made me really upset that somebody would accuse me of taking items knowing I was only there to do a good deed, but I was accused of doing something wrong,” Martin said. “It was just hurtful, just embarrassing.”

The Sunnyvale resident went to the Safeway with her son, two sisters, three nieces, and nephew after attending service at Christ Temple Community Church in Palo Alto. Martin said she and her son arrived first and gave dog food to a homeless man who she usually sees outside the store with his dog.

They’re lucky to be alive.

via Safeway calls police on African-American woman giving food to homeless


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