Supes ban weed in #Chinatown

Screenshot 2018-08-01 at 07.25.29.pngThe San Francisco Board of Supervisors have passed an ordinance banning cannabis dispensaries from opening in Chinatown.

The Chinese American community has been vehemently opposed to the idea of a dispensary opening in the neighborhood since California legalized recreational cannabis last year.

The ordinance, sponsored by Supervisor Aaron Peskin, who represents Chinatown, passed 8-3, with Supervisors Rafael Mandelman, Vallie Brown and Hillary Ronen voting against it.

Not pleased with her Chinese neighbors, Board President Malia Cohen gave a blistering statement against the ordinance, saying she was “appalled to even be sitting here with this legislation.”

Members of the Chinese American community argued there are a unique set of factors in Chinatown that makes a ban necessary: extremely dense housing, fears of gentrification and a cultural aversion to cannabis.

via One thing you won’t find in SF’s Chinatown: cannabis — supes ban pot stores –



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