#GavinNewsom takes a commanding lead in the race for campaign dollars

Screenshot 2018-07-05 at 06.43.27Democrat Gavin Newsom emerged from California’s gubernatorial primary with a prodigious financial advantage over Republican rival John Cox, banking more than seven times as much money for the general election.

As of June 30, California’s two-term lieutenant governor and the front-runner in the race, has more than $11 million in the bank, while Cox has $1.5 million, according to campaign finance reports filed with the state Tuesday.

Newsom’s financial position is not surprising — he has led in fundraising since he entered the race in 2015. He is also seeing a burst of new contributions from donors who supported Antonio Villaraigosa, his top Democratic rival in the primary.

Cox, a wealthy Rancho Santa Fe businessman who donated $5.5 million to his campaign, has been receiving larger donations since he consolidated the GOP vote to place second in the June 5 primary. The GOP’s only hope is that he writes more seven-figure checks to his campaign.

via Newsom cashes in on primary victory, far outraising Cox in California governor’s race


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