Going strawless isn’t going to be enough to keep the garbage police away

Screenshot 2018-08-04 at 07.38.42.png
Garbage Police searching for evidence.

In the minds of enraged environmentalists, going strawless is not going to stop the flow of plastic trash into our landfills, streets and oceans. Even if every plastic straw ever produced disappeared, environmentalists would  still be angry.

Screenshot 2018-08-04 at 07.38.17.png
The earth has become a plastic hell.

After all, if Starbucks is handing out a billion straws to customers every year, it’s handing out a similar amount of plastic lids and cups to go with them.

Just imagine the array of single-use plastic items that consumers encounter every day at home, at the office, at school and at the store. Most of our food comes wrapped in some sort of plastic, as do most products we buy daily.

In the eyes of the Leftists, the earth has become a plastic hell, and it’s all your fault. Expect that knock on the door from the garbage police. They’ll be coming for you sooner than you think.

via Going strawless is good, but it won’t save the planet. Let’s go even further


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