#Islamic indoctrination of “non-heritage” children in Sacramento schools

Screenshot 2018-08-10 at 09.00.04.png
Islamics are establishing a bigger foothold in Sacramento.

The program mixes Montessori pedagogy with StarTalk standards to create a fun, hands-on learning experience for heritage and non-heritage students, said Amira Kotb, the co-Executive Director of ALEFE, which is pronounced Aleph.

“We’re showing them that in order to learn about a culture, it needs to happen through a direct interaction with the culture,” Kotb told the Sacramento Bee.

Indoctrination is the clinical definition. By the way, are those “non-heritage students” your kids?

Marwa Swelam, a teacher at the summer camp, told The Bee she was surprised how quickly kids had picked up basic Arabic words and grammar.

Within the next 5 years, ALEFE hopes to found a multilingual Arabic charter school in Sacramento, according to the Sacramento Bee.

This program could easily fit into a broader pattern of behavior advocated by groups like the Council on American-Islamic Relations and funded by the brutal dictators who run the Saudi government. Both have an aggressive goal of the Islamization of America.

It’s even more strange considering that California educators uniformly recoil from anything religious in our public schools. Yet they embrace programs like this.

ALEFE needs much less applause and much more scrutiny — on all levels.

via New ALEFE summer camp immerses kids in Arabic language, culture | The Sacramento Bee


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