Sen. Joel Anderson: “You better shut up before I bitch slap you!”

Screenshot 2018-08-21 at 07.48.20.png
“You better shut up before I bitch slap you!”

“Thug Life” has taken on a new meaning in the California Legislature.

And now, State Sen. Joel Anderson is facing a legislative investigation after a female lobbyist accused him of threatening to “bitch slap” her and harassing her at a Capitol-area bar last week, sources say.

Stephanie Roberson, a lobbyist with the California Nurses Assn., filed a complaint with the Senate Rules Committee on Friday.

Anderson, a San Diego County Republican who is termed out this year, is running for a seat on the Board of Equalization, the state’s tax board.

A witness says Anderson first approached Roberson at a fundraiser and brought up the fact that Roberson’s organization never endorsed him. During the conversation, Anderson made comments about Roberson’s appearance and then threatened to hit her.

“You better shut up before I bitch slap you,” Anderson said to Roberson, according to the witness. He repeated the threat multiple times. A second witness corroborated the story.

Anderson was subsequently booted from the restaurant.

via Female lobbyist lodges complaint that state Sen. Joel Anderson threatened to hit her


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