After Janus, vindictive union haters sue SEIU 521

Screenshot 2018-08-23 at 08.33.04.pngWinning a U.S. Supreme Court case apparently isn’t good enough for the vindictive union haters at the National Right to Work Foundation.

After their big Supreme Court win, the organization is suing Services Employees International Union Local 522 on behalf of William Hough, a Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority worker who did not want to participate in the labor organization but still had so-called “fair share” fees deducted from his paycheck and handed to the union.

For 41 years, unions in certain states were allowed to collect those fees as a protection against “free riders,” or people who benefited from bargaining but did not pay for the union’s services.

The Supreme Court in June banned the practice for public sector unions, finding that government unions are inherently political and workers could not be compelled to support them.

In the new case, the Right to Work Foundation estimates that a ruling in Hough’s favor could force SEIU Local 521 to pay “millions of dollars” to government workers across central California.

via After Janus, Right to Work Foundation sues SEIU 521 | The Sacramento Bee


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