About Us


Dear Readers,

CalNews.com was founded in 1997 in Sacramento, California.  We are a news aggregation website designed to provide our readers with current and compelling political news and analysis from California, and where appropriate, from around the nation and the world.

CalNews.com gives our readers an unvarnished look at the behind the scenes world of California politics. We pride ourselves on giving our readers the story-behind-the-story. We know what policymakers are thinking and we tell you, so you can know the truth. No one else in California can make this claim.

CalNews.com does not have an agenda other than plain speaking, blunt talk, and factual analysis. 

CalNews.com does not accept advertising, and we never have, and never will charge our readers for a subscription. Being beholden to no one gives us a level of independence rarely seen in the world of news gathering and journalism.

If you have comments or questions about our service, please e-mail us by clicking here.

We are a reader driven service so your suggestions are always welcome.

Thank you for visiting CalNews.com.


Connie Venaca, Editor
Julio Cortez, Associate Editor


One thought on “About Us

  1. What’s a “media partner” Marcia? We’ll think that over.

    We’ve recently reworked our website to incorporate the link to the full story as originally uploaded for WordPress. As far as bylines, we’re happy to do that.

    What’s your email address?



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